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“Restaurants and bars offer architects and interior designers the opportunity to design for both style and entertainment. Aesthetics and function must come together to create ambiance and conviviality in a way that not only makes a bold first impression, but also secures a loyal following of regular customers” (quoted from Taschen website). The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards—the world’s only awards dedicated to hospitality design—recognize the importance of this particular field, singling out the world’s most exceptional settings for eating and drinking

Divided into five chapters (for each continent), this Taschen book features 100 highlights from the establishments put forward to the panel. Either you’re looking for new designs for your home, or basically want to know about the most designed restaurants of your city, this book is a must-have on your coffee table.

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Sometimes, the confined atmoshpere of a Parisian restaurant just won’t make the cut. You wan’t something bigger, with more room to breath, with more comfy seats. With space. And for that, you might have to rush just outside of Paris to the Cité du Cinéma where you can eat at the B.O. restaurant. After walking through a gigantic glass hall, you eventually arrive at a vast open space. I must admit right away that the B.O. has the hottest waitresses I’ve seen in a restaurant in 2013. If that’s not a good enough excuse already, you just have to take a look at the menu below. So many credible and delicious options. I wouldn’t advise you against anything! First class service and quality brasserie twist. That’s all I’m praying for!

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A few days ago, I finally set foot inside Miss Ko, a recently opened bar/restaurant designed by Philippe Stark. I had heard so much about the place and I’ve gone by so many times that I still wonder why I’ve never gone before. Anyway, this time, I had a legitimate reason: I had to try their new Mojito Thaï! Let me say this first: I love mojitos. I know it’s pretty girly, I know some of you will stop reading this blog just because of that. I don’t care… Haha. Where was I? Miss Ko is actually a huge place, somewhere between a japanese canteen, a hip lounge and a chinese newsroom. I only went for the mojitos but I’m looking forward to having dinner there already… Check out some more photos after the break!

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Blueberry Restaurant Paris Maki choice

Hidden in the middle of Saint-Germain district, Blueberry Restaurant is the typical Californian fusion food place where you can get imaginative makis you won’t get anywhere here. In these times of heat wave in Paris, Blueberry’s makis with fresh seafood products, sumptuous truffles and tasty citrus fruits will transcend you. Try the Iroquois (marinated beef, coriander, cucumber, sesame and piment d’espelette) or be more daring and order some exquisite Rackham le Rouge (tempura prawn, soy marinated tuna, truffle, cucumber, spicy mayonnaise, flying fish roe and chive)! To finish, we highly recommend the fresh Frisco (some sea bream (daurade) ceviche with cherry tomatoes and  sweet pepper into a maki)… Just a blast on your palate! It actually reminds me of a place we visited in Los Angeles during our road trip in the US (Yu N Mi). Check out all our pics after the break!

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Swedish home-style food served in a genuine and beautiful brasserie. Today Pelikan sits on the island called Söder in central Stockholm. There is a very high ceiling in this house, at least six or seven metres. An artist has decorated the building with animal and plant paintings in Jugend style “Art Deco”. Wood panels cover the length of the wall’s lower half. That’s what it’s like at Pelikan. The guests are of all types. Artists come here, as well as musicians and actors. You can also meet everyone from left-wing politicians to stockbrokers they say. If you go to Pelikan to eat, you’ll be eating rather Swedish “home-style” food. For example, you can try an SOS, which stands for “smör, ost and sill”, or butter, cheese and fried pork with onion sauce. (link)

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A wonderful terrasse with view on the Eiffel Tower, a high-ceiling Art Deco dinning room designed by Joseph Dirand (who happens to be the same dude who designed the Chloé store rue Saint-Honoré), black marble, green suede chairs. Everything’s splendid. I haven’t tried Monsieur Bleu yet but I feel like you go there to see and be seen rather than for the food itself. Or maybe I’m mistaken… It’s simply refreshing to see that the Palais de Tokyo has found a new life. Let’s hope this brasserie chic doesn’t disappoint us when we go for a check anytime soon.

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Carlsberg invited us a few days ago to have us discover L’Atelier des Artistes near République in Paris. The place is a restaurant, lounge, bar and even has a screening room and a private “Danish suite”. L’atelier des Artistes is a complex yet successful combination of modern art, gastronomy and nordic inspiration. The venue is actually pretty big: the restaurant on the ground floor, which we have yet to try, looks very promising. Downstairs, we loved all the design furniture and whole atmosphere of the bar. I invite you to go check it out by yourself!

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On a brief stop in London last week, I took the time to sit at Busaba Eathai like I do everytime I go to London. And again, I simply loved it. The rather dark, woody, candled restaurant near Berkeley Square is just what you need from a good Thai restaurant. And then the food itself is super good. As usual I took a very spicy curry duck with sticky rice while my homie took some sort of wok with chicken. Tasty to the eye ! So if you finf yourself in London, I advise you to try the place out !!

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Every summer, I go to this tiny pizzeria in Italy where you can order one-meter-long pizzas. This is the only thing that can get me out of the beach on a sunny July day. But word is that the same concept exists now right in the middle of Paris ?! To good to be true I said ! Well, I went to Slize to check by myself and I must say I really enjoyed every inch of all the pizzas I tried ! Tartuffo, mozarella, speck, quattro fromaggi… It is soooo goood I want to go back asap. The place has been opened for a few months now  a makes a perfect place for group dinners as well as more cosy, romantic dates. It’s not that expensive and they serve awesome Italian wines ! Check out some pictures after the break !

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This is a guest post from Olivine who runs the blog Sur les pavés de Paris ! Go check it out !!


Brunches in Paris can be very disappointing sometimes: random jams, dry scramble eggs, very salted stuffs… At Colorova, the newly opened salon de thé close to the rue de Rennes, you won’t be disappointed. Not this time. Sit in the comfortable chairs, under the cosy glass roof, take time to breath and welcome to the wonderful world of Colorova!

Everything is home-made (except for tea of course). Jams are wonderful, especially the chocolate one. Pastries are very tasty with this discrete flavour of butter that I love so much. Two dishes are included in the brunch. Totally new for me, I have never had soup on a Sunday morning, but the taste of the pumpkin soup and of the cauliflower soup with tonka bean made me feel like the little Ratatouille in the famous Disney movie (see what I’m talking about?).

At the end of the brunch, when I couldn’t stand up and felt so sad that I had to leave, the waitress came with the bill and said: “Are you happy?” with a bright smile. Definitely yes! 

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