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The Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage Keepall was a limited edition for the fall 08 collection. It was actually a collaboration between Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. The keepall is entirely covered with the “monogramouflage” canvas and trimmed in vachetta or natural cowhide leather. Pretty badass for a Vuitton bag huh ? 

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How to start 2013 like a boss? Well, get one of those Louis Vuitton President case that have become a must-have to carry millions of dollars in cash or dozens of Patek Philippe watches. Buy it here (price tells a lot about the exclusiveness of this product).

Well, let me share a brief anecdote about Louis Vuitton: In 1830, a provincial young frenchman, walked the 400 km from his hometown to glorious Paris. Eventually he was hired as a ”layetier”, a kind of manservant who woud pack your trunks. He must have done his duties really well, because he caught the attention of Napoleon III who hired the young frenchman to be Empress Eugénie personal ”layetier”. The young Frenchman’s name was Louis Vuitton and in 1854 he opened his own trunk-making firm in Paris. By 1913, the Louis Vuitton flagship on Champs-Elysées was the largerst store for travel-goods in the world! 

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Few of us really know how to neatly pack one’s suitcase, fold shirts and suits and protect your shoes, so that you don’t end up in a foreign country with a crumpled mess… Well, it is never too late to become a master in the art of packing. In fact, Louis Vuitton recently built a dedicated website to teach you how to properly fold all type of clothes and pack your suitcase : click here and have fun! Just keep in mind that these ideas apply to any kind of clothing or luggage, including rolling suitcases or carry-on bags, not only to Louis Vuitton over-priced line…

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Sure, it’s a ton of money to spend on something that won’t do a thing to help your game, but if your trips to the course are more like social calls and less like serious competition, perhaps these Louis Vuitton Golf Bags ($12,000-$13,500!!!) can class up your clubhouse. Available in both Monogram or Damier varieties, they offer room for a full set of clubs with six interior compartments, several outer pockets for balls, gloves, towels, and other small items. (Source Uncrate for all the cool gadgets)

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I’m just coming back from the Louis Vuitton – Marc Jacobs exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. The exhibition is not monumental and honestly I didn’t understand everything. I mean, the exhibition tends to separate Vuitton from Marc Jacobs and strictly differentiate their jobs. It’s more a parallel between the two geniuses of their generations that makes sense but I regret the lack of chronological references. Still, there are quite a lot of amazing trunks, bags and dresses that you should take a look at. And it’s free if you’re under 25. More pics after the gap !

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Set in the heart of the Jardin Alpin, Cheval Blanc’s understated elegance is inspired by the natural beauty of its surrounding landscape. For Cheval Blanc (a famous wine brand own by LVMH), the renown interior designer Sybille de Margerie has imagined an exclusive palette of colors to revisit the mountain codes in a modernized chalet. A subtle combination of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary sensitivity that is now a signature of our Collection of Maisons. Above all, this is one of the unique hotels where you can buy a Louis Vuitton handbag, sample a flute of Krug, enjoy a Givenchy skincare at the same time! It’s all about LVMH, it’s all about exclusivity in the prised ski station Courchevel! (see the pics below)

FYI: Cheval Blanc brand will soon take over the mythical La Samaritaine (in front of Le Pont Neuf) in Paris to build a new palace in the French capital… Can’t wait to see how it will look like! Crazyness and extreme luxury highly expected though!

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Louis Vuitton’s flagships are more and more imposing… We once presented you a series of Louis Vuitton’s flagships, among them the famous Londoner one! I guess now that no other brandmanages to assert itself as well as Louis Vuitton does : in every flagship, an actual identity emerges, an identity that always blends in with the architecture of its surroundings.

As a matter of fact, the new Louis Vuitton Maison in Marina Bay Sands (Singapour) is a masterpiece lost in the middle of a region where the French House’s name embodies the greatest achievement in life! Not only is this building a visual and architectural success, but it also gathers the most-prised leather goods and know-how of Louis Vuitton. Judge by yourself as you watch the pics below!

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When Dior and Vuitton dress Veuve Clicquot Vintage Rosé:

Once you get a bottle of this tasty and fruity Veuve Clicquot Brut Vintage Rose (57 €), you receive this “cool bag” designed by Dior and Vuitton! I really like the concept: a sort of shirt for your champagne bottle. Yet, don’t be surprised Veuve Clicquot is used to calling the roll of couture designers just as they did for Pucci and the Grande Dame bottle.

Speaking of this wonderful Vintage Rose, you can learn more by visiting the detailed post we wrote after our visit of Veuve Clicquot flagship in Reims

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There will be cafés in several Louis Vuitton flagships:

Cafés in Louis Vuitton’s giant stores!!! How do you feel about that ? Well, this is only about rumors for now but this project will supposedly soon be unveiled! This is a real scoop, and, once again, HME is your “hypesider guy”…

The idea of setting up Cafés in Louis Vuitton’s largest flagships all around the world is hardly surprising: Louis Vuitton has always wanted its flagships to be a sort of promenade. Indeed, the famous French luxury brand, Louis Vuitton, takes root in the idea of travelling and these future Cafés will only be an additional step on the trip in Louis Vuitton world! So, guys, you will soon have a place to stay as your partner does her shopping: the Louis Vuitton Café… Can’t wait!!

Apart from big department stores, the project of launching Cafés in a luxury store already exists. For instance, if you visit to the Chanel boutique on Rue Cambon in Paris, you will notice a special room designed especially for business men or women to watch financial channels on a TV as they do their shopping…

A few days ago, I presented Le Beige, situated on the roof top of Chanel’s flagship in Tokyo. The moral of the story is that luxury brands are taking innovative measures to transport you in a luxury world and make you stay around (The Pool by Hermès, Chanel’s restaurant, Louis Vuitton Café) and will keep on doing so!

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