Patty & Bun | Best Burgers in London

Patty&Bun Burger London by HypeMeansEverything cover

Get off the tube at Bond Street station, go up on James Street until you see a queue in front of a small restaurant: that should be it, number 54: Patty&Bun, the tastiest burger in London to me. The first question that comes to mind then is: am I supposed to queue 30 to 45 minutes to get a burger? To that question, I can now answer: “Yes Sir!”. If you live in London or you’re just spending a weekend there, Patty&Bun is a must-go: the French fries are AMAZING (one of the best I’ve ever had actually), the chicken wings are breathtaking and obviously the burgers are just delicious (I recommend the Smokey Robinson)!! By the way, you can also avoid the queue by taking it away (here). Continue reading

Introducing Stuarts London online store

Stuarts London online store

In the wake of our post about Manchester-based online store Intro Clothing, we would like to introduce another really cool UK online store: Stuarts London. If you do not know it yet, then I can tell you, you’re missing something. As a matter of fact, Esquire Magazine held a reader twitter vote, in which Stuarts London happened to be one of Top 5 London destinations to shop for latest trends! The online store gathers a large panel of products from trendy brands such as Norse Project, Il Bussetto or even Paul Smith Jeans. As regards the latter, Stuarts London offers a extended choice of products from Paul Smith T-Shirts to Paul Smith Shirts. Just check it out!

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Busaba Eathai in London | Gimme Some Curry


On a brief stop in London last week, I took the time to sit at Busaba Eathai like I do everytime I go to London. And again, I simply loved it. The rather dark, woody, candled restaurant near Berkeley Square is just what you need from a good Thai restaurant. And then the food itself is super good. As usual I took a very spicy curry duck with sticky rice while my homie took some sort of wok with chicken. Tasty to the eye ! So if you finf yourself in London, I advise you to try the place out !!
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Monocle Café in London | Hotspot


That’s a smart way to diversify your activities… This March, Monocle won’t only be selling the latest on global affairs. The publication will be opening a Café in a few weeks just steps from its London HQ and store (so that you can grab a copy of Monocle magazine before sitting in the Café) where they will be serving up coffee and drinks as well as sweets from their own Japanese Pastry Chefs! As a teaser, check out to pic of the Monocle Café in Tokyo (see below). More info here

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