Tax Fraud Essential : The Crocodile Briefcase


Recent weeks have shed light on a seemingly widly spread tax fraud among our politician elite. Although I’m sure some of them are stupid enough to wire money online to off-shore tax heavens, I myself really like the idea of a physical cash deposit/transfer using a good old fashion crocodile briefcase (or trunk if you got lots of cash…). To help some of you with the crucial choice of the crocodile bag, here is a selection of our favourite options.

First thing first, we got to clear a very common mistake : there is a frequent confusion between crocodile and alligator skin. Basically, the former can be used as an overarching term, as the family of crocodiles encompasses both true crocodiles and alligators, as well as some other species. Alligator arguably yields a leather that is of superior quality. What both crocodile and alligator leather have in common though is the long and complex process of tanning, finishing and sewing the skins. The resulting product is extremely durable, making a crocodile bag an accessory that is well worth investing in and that can last years, decades and even generations.   Continue reading