Fetishisms Manifesto by Jonathan Leder

jonathan-leder-fetishism-5Inspired by the under the counter nudie-mags of the 1950s, Fetishisms Manifesto is a unique, edgy bi-annual erotic publication, featuring photographs of some of our regular Sunday Girls such as Emily Ratajkowski, Britany Nola, Amy Hood, Marlo Lavonne and more. 80lb Dull Coated Paper / 48 Pages / Sheet Fed Press / 4 Color BW Printing / 5.5 x 8.5 “. Limited edition print run of 1000 exemplaries. Curated by Amy Nicole Hood and photographs by Jonathan Leder. Continue reading


A few months after the release of their debut album Native To on Kitsuné in June, IS TROPICAL are back with their new single “Lies” ! The track alone is really good already but goes even better with the video clip ! After the phenomenal success of “The Greeks” videoclip, this time they asked Jonathan Leder one of the founder of the best erotic & luxury magazine on earth, Jacques, to work on their new video. An amazing cocktail of pole dance, vultures, lust and sexiness mixed on electro ! Video after the break ! Continue reading

Jonathan Leder | Porn Photography Gone Old-Fashion

After reading this article from the NYT, I really wanted to highlight the recent trend of porn-photography to go old-fashion. No photo assistants, no special lighting, film-photography when it’s not a polaroid. Digital cameras are used only if the photos are processed in post-treatment using films from Fuji, Rollei, Kodak or other brands from the past century ! Jonathan Leder, as a case in point, prefers the polaroid and fixed 35 mm lenses. The models too go old-fashion as well as the  scenes they are shot in. Maybe this is the Mad Men effect striking again. Jonathan Leder is the creator of Jacques, “an upstart adult magazine in Brooklyn that reinterprets vintage Playboy in the age of 3-D porn and GPS hookups.” To me, he deploys much more erotism by beeing only suggestive and soft where other lurk in the obscenity.  Continue reading