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Nice silk scarf, huh?! Summer isn’t there yet, but, you know, I’m just saying… Available here / Nice choice for women on French online store Département Féminin!

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In the wake of Hermès’ collab with Comme des Garçons, here is another cool project: Paris-based Géométrik caps just released a bunch of limited edition caps made with Hermès and Céline silk scarves. A lil bit pricey though: 355€… (“used to be” available at Storm Fashion). Stay tuned for availability updates! 

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When two of my favourite luxury brands team up, the result is something I absolutely want to get my hands on ! The collaboration between Comme des Garçons and Hermès is a collection of eight silk scarves that come in only 200 pieces each. Typical Comme des Garçons dots, checks and patterns mixed with 175 years of Hermès archives… Which one’s your favourite ? 

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A wonderful cigar case made of exotic wood with a beautiful ornament of four golden horns on the front and “Hermès – Paris” engraved at the bottom on a metal plate. That precious vintage treasure’s a rare collector and a fine gift for the connoisseurs. Impossible to find unfortunately.

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Not so long ago I heard “I wanted to have sex. He told me let me put my shoe threes first”. This wasn’t me. But it could have been. Every man should have a valet de nuit. That’s the best thing that can happen to your suits. This one is the actual reason of this post. It was made in 1935 by Paul Dupré-Lafon, a French architect and art deco stamped designer. It was created for Hermès in ebonished wood with red Hermès stamped morocco leather. A chef d’oeuvre.

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B Home Interior is an Italian interior designer. Skimming through his creations, you understand he pays much attention to details and materials. Indeed, B Home designers must have a fondness for foal skin (“poulain”), as you can see on the cigar ashtray above (150€) and the iPad case (right after the break), and obviously well manufactured leather. I guess B Home Interior is a great source of inspiration for gifts!

Digged out by our friends of LessIsRare (who by the way has the exclusivity on B Home Interior’s products), the Italian craftsman is gradually growing and gaining awareness all over Europe. Phane, the founder of LessIsRare, literally told me that “B Home Interior has no reason to be jealous of its competitors, even Hermès. B Home’s leather is identical to Hermès’!”. Plus, they are way less expansive…

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A fingerskate throws light on Hermès 2011 collection

More and more brands have to count on social networks and innovative ways of communication to grow and thrive. Bringing forward that hot topic, I must admit that I enjoy this kind of film ads like the one above inspired from Alexis Milant youtube video. Do you remember this amazing ad realized by Hermès and released in the end of 2010? I am not especially a big fan of skateboarding, but the Hermès‘concept is just brilliant and play!

If you liked this one, we will soon display some other cool videos used to showcase new collections. My view is that there is a lot to do on this for both big players and young fashion creators! 

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The idea was to bring the Hermès philosophy to China, to create a Chinese Hermès… Shang Xia actually means Up Down in chinese language. This a real bonanza for finest traditional Chinese craftsmanship to express itself “into contemporary lifestyle through the encounter of heritage and innovation”. Focusing on the home (furniture, decoration or even garment), the whole collections are designed by talented Chinese designer, Ms. Jiang Qiong Er.

They unveiled the first Shang Xia boutique in a high-end shopping mall in Shanghai last year. The store, a picture of minimalist chic, offers clothing, home furnishings, shoes and tableware — a collection inspired by tea, and made from traditional Asian materials such as bamboo, cashmere and porcelain.

To conclude, France’s Hermès is launching a bold experiment as its high-end Chinese designer brand Shang Xia debuts, underlining China’s growing importance to luxury goods companies.

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