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Louis Vuitton’s flagships are more and more imposing… We once presented you a series of Louis Vuitton’s flagships, among them the famous Londoner one! I guess now that no other brandmanages to assert itself as well as Louis Vuitton does : in every flagship, an actual identity emerges, an identity that always blends in with the architecture of its surroundings.

As a matter of fact, the new Louis Vuitton Maison in Marina Bay Sands (Singapour) is a masterpiece lost in the middle of a region where the French House’s name embodies the greatest achievement in life! Not only is this building a visual and architectural success, but it also gathers the most-prised leather goods and know-how of Louis Vuitton. Judge by yourself as you watch the pics below!

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There will be cafés in several Louis Vuitton flagships:

Cafés in Louis Vuitton’s giant stores!!! How do you feel about that ? Well, this is only about rumors for now but this project will supposedly soon be unveiled! This is a real scoop, and, once again, HME is your “hypesider guy”…

The idea of setting up Cafés in Louis Vuitton’s largest flagships all around the world is hardly surprising: Louis Vuitton has always wanted its flagships to be a sort of promenade. Indeed, the famous French luxury brand, Louis Vuitton, takes root in the idea of travelling and these future Cafés will only be an additional step on the trip in Louis Vuitton world! So, guys, you will soon have a place to stay as your partner does her shopping: the Louis Vuitton Café… Can’t wait!!

Apart from big department stores, the project of launching Cafés in a luxury store already exists. For instance, if you visit to the Chanel boutique on Rue Cambon in Paris, you will notice a special room designed especially for business men or women to watch financial channels on a TV as they do their shopping…

A few days ago, I presented Le Beige, situated on the roof top of Chanel’s flagship in Tokyo. The moral of the story is that luxury brands are taking innovative measures to transport you in a luxury world and make you stay around (The Pool by Hermès, Chanel’s restaurant, Louis Vuitton Café) and will keep on doing so!

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