Slize Pizzeria | Saturday Night Dinner


Every summer, I go to this tiny pizzeria in Italy where you can order one-meter-long pizzas. This is the only thing that can get me out of the beach on a sunny July day. But word is that the same concept exists now right in the middle of Paris ?! To good to be true I said ! Well, I went to Slize to check by myself and I must say I really enjoyed every inch of all the pizzas I tried ! Tartuffo, mozarella, speck, quattro fromaggi… It is soooo goood I want to go back asap. The place has been opened for a few months now  a makes a perfect place for group dinners as well as more cosy, romantic dates. It’s not that expensive and they serve awesome Italian wines ! Check out some pictures after the break ! Continue reading

Paris City Guide | The Heatmap

A few months ago, we had this crazy idea of a map with all our favourite hotspots in Paris. We called it the Heatmap. How clever, huh ? Now you don’t have the slightest excuse not knowing where to go for the best roasted chicken or find the most romantic patio in Paris. It’s not perfect. Let’s say it is a beta version. We’ll update the spots regularly to take into account how hot or called some places turn. We’re gladly accepting your suggestions and hope you’ll share with us your favourite spots too !! Spread the word, now you don’t have to check the Figaroscope anymore !!!


Le Dauphin | Saturday Night Dinner

Inaki Aizpitarte and Fred Peneau, the already successful folks behind the Chateaubriand, are the ones to thank for this floor to ceiling marble restaurant. The interior design was awarded with the Fooding 2011 Award. The place looks great, clients look great, the wine selection is top-notch, the tapas are famous… Yes you guessed correctly, the restaurant is rather expensive but that’s honestly the only reproach you could make to this very wise saturday night dinner option. And you’ll be able to tell everyone you had dinner in a restaurant designed by Rem Koolhaas ( Pritzker 2000) and Clément Blanchet. Continue reading

Le Ralph’s | Saturday Night Dinner

The best burgers in Paris ? Le Ralph’s. The cosiest dinner place in Paris ? Le Ralph’s. The best dressed waiters ? Le Ralph’s ! There are so many good reasons to go to the Ralph’s restaurant located Boulevard Saint-Germain at the ground floor of the parisian Ralph Lauren flagship store. The place is really beautiful, full of charm and we found nothing to reproach to the food. Easy pick for a flawless saturday night dinner but keep in mind that you’ll have to book a table a few days earlier, should you have to wait 10 minutes on the phone for someone to take your reservation. True story. It happened. But really the Ralph’s burger is simply the best thing I’ve eaten in 2011. And I’ve eaten a lot. Continue reading

Brasserie Lipp | Saturday Night Dinner

That’s definitely one of my favourite hotspots these days. Unlike what everyone thinks, it’s not that expensive if you consider the quality of both the food and the service. I love it because it’s 100% french, because the duck with french fries is irresistible and because that’s the only place on earth where you can eat sauerkraut and still feel hip. Located in the very famous Boulevard Saint-Germain, you can’t go wrong with the Brasserie Lipp, whether you come with many friends or for a more intimate dinner. Terry Richardson, Kanye West, Kate Moss, Jacques Chirac… They are all used to come in this wonderful building and sipp french tradition. Continue reading