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Just when I’m bored with my iPhone 5S being slow and full of software bugs, just when I’m really angry at Apple for being such a shitty mainstream brand, I find out Huawei is releasing the latest edition of the Honor smartphone in Europe. It’s basically a high-powered, large screen, high def camera-equiped smartphone with an Android OS. It simply does what my iPhone doesn’t feel like doing these days: quick app changes, no-freeze web browsing, intelligent Google features (like how do I get home in a few finger taps, quick notification swipes, full Google integration, free cloud back-ups, real password ingration across devices through Chrome…). I wouldn’t say life changing upgrade but for half the price of an iPhone, you get everything I mentionned above plus longer life battery, customizable OS and themes, standard USB charging cables (thank god) and many more not-so-anectodic details. Check out more screegrabs after the break ang get a product tour here.

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“Restaurants and bars offer architects and interior designers the opportunity to design for both style and entertainment. Aesthetics and function must come together to create ambiance and conviviality in a way that not only makes a bold first impression, but also secures a loyal following of regular customers” (quoted from Taschen website). The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards—the world’s only awards dedicated to hospitality design—recognize the importance of this particular field, singling out the world’s most exceptional settings for eating and drinking

Divided into five chapters (for each continent), this Taschen book features 100 highlights from the establishments put forward to the panel. Either you’re looking for new designs for your home, or basically want to know about the most designed restaurants of your city, this book is a must-have on your coffee table.

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Laguna Bath tub by aLEGNA

A masterpiece in its essential simplicity and uniformity. This masterpiece is made with wood monolithically formed as one unit. Laguna Basic has smooth lines and a stable form that reflect the warm aura of ‘flowing water. The perfect ergonomics will give you the pleasure of a dip in this pool. This rectangular model can ‘be achieved even in non-standard sizes to fit all needs. From designer company aLegna.

Laguna Bath tub by aLEGNA design

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Totally digging that house on the cliff. Crisp, white, square, angular, levitating… The perfect summer house that build on a pretty coast or even better, an island. I’m thinking Ibiza. Warm weather, transparent waters, a pool, some escort girls… Pretty picture huh? Stop by the Fran Silvestre Arquitectos website for more crazy architectural projects like this one!


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What a beautiful concept by designer Artem Shykov! A piece of art that high-fidelity audio freaks would buy for the design only! A classic tape player/recorder in a handsome professional design body. Not very useful in a world where iPhones can record hours of talks in the palm of a hand but at least, you get to live like we’re back in the 50s!

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jean-prouve-table-compas-01 (1)

Jean Prouvé‘s iconic table made of a bent steel black lacquered frame supporting an oak top. You can actually find lots of variations for the Compas Table depending on the function they were designed for but this rectangular dinning table is pretty neat! 

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The Jordan Dominate Pro TD is a sleeeeek football cleat inspired by the new Air Jordan XX8. Nike’s innovative technology (Dynamic Fit Technology, Lunarlon midsole…)  and this crazy minimal design. I would play football just as a pretext to buy this piece of art.  

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If you feel like streets have become a jungle or that going to work is as adventurous as going to war, I suggest you consider a Jeep Wrangler pimped by CEC Wheels. It comes in a superb mate military green paint and with extra headlights and accessories. You won’t feel the road with that amazing suspension. A ferocious car for everyday pimpers !! 

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This Furtivo knife designed by Ora-Ïto is basically unique. Designed for French knife makers, Forge de Laguiole, with its all black metal minimalist styling and carbon fiber inlays makes the Furtivo knife a very desirable pocket friendly accessory…#Dashitcray

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Fans of Danish designs, listen up! Poul Kjærholm’s furniture is sublime. It is individual. It is consummate. Now, fans and collectors will no doubt feel a tinge of excitement by the news that four furniture pieces, in never before produced versions, are available to buy. Among them, this breathtaking PK81 daybed will soon be available in a little store in London. Kjærholm’s designs look as fresh and contemporary now as they did when he created them! Simply amazing!

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