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Undergraduate, bored at school, trapped in finance classes. Wanna be a money maker so fuck art, let’s be hedge-fund manager. Waiting for school to end up, I funded this site in the summer 2010 to share my enthusiasm and all visually moving pictures. So this will be the deposit of my thoughts, my dreams, my addictions.

Hype does mean everything. You can’t deny that. It says fashion, it says music, design, art, culture and so many things at the same time. I can’t stand close-minded people, but if like me, you believe sandals are not shoes, then you’re in the right place.

I abandoned my Air Force 1 to rock my double-monks. Bow-tied and starry-eyed. 24/7 geek. I’m the nerd next door, wearing suits for no reason. Love girls with oversized glasses.

Oh and yeah, my favourite quote : “Too big to fail”


A 24-year old fashion and design enthusiast still in search of HIS own style. Looking for Beauty and Elegance induced me into thinking about what is my definition of hype. Indeed, this website that I co-founded in August 2010 is the support of my thoughts. Yet, these thoughts are not only focused on men’s trends: I take much interest in women’s fashion, notably in women’s shoes (see the shoe porn gallery) and minimalist styles, such as Céline’s.

Enamored of any kind of nice stuffs and looks, I fancy shooting them with my Canon SLR either in Paris or overseas. Thus, if I had to pick one single inspiration, I would say Hedi Slimane for his revolutionary work for Dior Homme and his talents as an independent photographer.

And, remember that “Smartness ends when it is noticed…

Everyday I’m Tumblring !

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On August 30, we crossed the Atlantic Ocean to start our tour in the US (which we had been waiting for for 4 months!!!). So, we directly landed in the Big Apple: just couldn’t think of a better place to start this tour. Here is our itinerary: NYC, then Las Vegas (for the Vogue Fashion Night Out), then driving to California (LA & San Francisco), before flying back to the East Coast (Bahamas & Miami) and spend the last days in NYC… This is gonna be le-gen-da-ry!!

For those of you who want to follow our adventures in the US on a daily basis, we created a special Tumblr blog on which we’ve posted pics almost everyday to feed you with new stuffs, places, hotspots.




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  1. Chris KAPONGO says: September 24, 20137:23 am

    Salut Thibault,

    On s’est rencontré à l’événement de Tattoorialist Lundi dernier. Effectivement, je connaissais ton site que je trouve vraiment pas mal.
    Si tu es toujours ok pour un échange de lien, voici l’URL de mon site : http://hyypezup.com/ (HyYpe’z Up Magazine). Tiens moi au courant rapidement que j’en fasse de même.

    Bonne Journée !

    Chris K. ¥

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