Hype Means Everything

Edward Green Canterbury | Yes please !


Damn you Edward Green. Just when I think my weakness for upper-shoes has been cured, you come to me with that delicious pair of Canterbury and your famous chestnut calf ? Plus you know I can’t resist a sole like this. Oh and I’ve heard you can have them two-toned to look like the Great Gatsby ? Or rather like Nucky Thompson ? Don’t you dare draging me into you shop on boulevard Saint-Germain. 







  1. William Carter says: June 20, 201411:31 pm

    Yes I love J Adler’s shoes! I have bought two pair from them. The quality and price keep drawing me back in lol! I’m thinking of trying an exotic skin on my next pair…

  2. Kenny says: June 14, 20145:25 pm

    I have never tried J Adler. I do however have a weakness for Edward Green. I bought the Canterbury’s recently. Beautiful!

  3. Jose R says: May 23, 20146:04 pm

    Did you like your J Adler shoes? I found a pair I really like on their website. I prefer custom made but I had never purchased from them before.

  4. Will Carter says: May 15, 20147:25 pm

    Those are some nice shoes! I really don’t need shoes, I just a bought a pair from J Adler. Will drool over these for awhile and consider!

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