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Patrick Grant | Top 5 Best Dressed Men on Earth

Number 5 of our Top Best Dressed Men on Earth is Patrick Grant of Norton and Sons. His style is quintessentially British to the extreme, extremely polished but never eccentric. His choice of bold pinstripes, wide peaks, and Prince of Wales checks are in fact eternally classic. They hark back to more refined times when gentlemen were suited and booted at all times and not just for special occasions. When gentlemen wore ties on Sundays. Patrick has been interviewed on countless occasions about his style and his beliefs in how men should dress but we’ve sadly never been granted an interview. The video hereunder is a from a video series entitled ‘How I Get Dressed’ which is delivers quality rules about constructing your own style. What it boils down to is this is a man that distils the classic for today. Once again creating a uniform that is right for him and his own look. Pick and choose what you like. Develop your look, your style and bend the world of fashion to your iron might. Though keep in mind a man needs to dress for his body, his shape and age just as much as his lady friends do. 



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