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Concis by Hoai Vo | Fashion brand aus Berlin

Concis FW 2011 collection:

During the last (capsule) show for women in Paris, I met Hoai Vo and found out about her brand, Concis. If you are a loyal follower, you must know that I particularly like minimalist style for women! Concis is a good case in point: among all the corners, I directly noticed Concis and its incredible cape (that you can see right below).

Recently founded (January 2011), Concis conveys a “sensual saga of fluid drapery and sophisticated tailoring where details are intertwined with hints of draping and folding that come together as soft sculptural forms highlighted by elaborate cuts : Concis is the juxtaposition of complexity of draping with a minimalistic flavour.” I had to quote Hoai Vo, it was so nicely said… There is a promising future ahead for this young German brand! Feel free to check out Concis’ website.

Concis – My favorite look!


Concis look – I love the pants


Concis – Love the suit!


Concis 2011


Concis cape


Short Biography of Hoai Vo:


Hoai Vo, Concis’ founder and fashion designer

With her roots in Vietnam, Hoai Vo was brought up in Belgium. Then, she moved to Berlin to expand her horizons and was accepted at the prestigious Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee from where she graduated with a Meisterschüler title.

Among many of her achievements, Hoai Vo completed an exchange program at the NABA, Milan and has been a finalist and winner in many prestigious competitions in Germany.

Proving to be a success already as a student, Hoai Vo had limited editions of her designs made available for purchase and set up her own label : an instant success !!

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